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Sign up as many students as you can and get paid for it

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Become an ambassador
Whether you are a social media whiz, a social butterfly, or both, we want you on our team.
What will I be doing as an ambassador?
You will be the face of our brand. You will spread the word, show the platform, gather student schedules, and help us land new users onto our platform.
What schools can apply?
Any university and college across Canada. If we aren't running a campaign at your school just yet, we'll put you on our waiting list when we do.
What about compensation?
We pay $1 for every new student you get to sign up. So if you sign up 20 students per day (let's be honest, this will take 30 minutes) for 5 days, you're walking away with $100 per week. That's about 30 beers at your student pub ;)

You are a studEtree fan who believes in our mission.
You are currently attending university.
You are 18+ years old.
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